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2017 A Year of Change and Creativity

Posted on March 13, 2017 with 0 comments

I have been in a bit of a dry spell creatively.  I last reported about my going out to the studio to record.  I was pumped up and feeling elated about getting some new music out into the world.  

Well, then I had to have surgery done on my scalp for basel cell cancer removal.  It was a much bigger deal than I had anticipated, and it set me back mentally and physically.  I had to deal with an open wound right smack dab in the middle of my front scalp.  I wore bandages and hats to hide the wound as it slowly closed up.  I certainly got a good dose of humility in the process--not an altogether bad thing in the long run.

But I noticed a change in my mood, my motivation and my creative impulses.   

Tate Corley was born.  He is my fourth grandchild.  Now that was a good dose of happiness that I well needed! I enjoyed getting Christmas gifts bought and organized for family and friends.  It was a good family time at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

I looked forward to January when I normally hibernate and create.  But this January I was dealing with a nasty cold that lingered and drained my energy.  I did more "have tos", and didn't stay quiet and reflective as I had planned.  It took is toll.  I have been having a dry spell creatively.  

Then, recently I injured my foot in a fall.  Funny thing, it forced me to stop, recede from activity, and stay home! Does our body actually seek that which it needs???  Do we at a deep level, yet unexplained, create that which is needed for us to heal, grow, create? Hmmmm, I am wondering if this is true.

My soul has certainly been my valued, and trusted companion, my guide, my solace in the storms, and my steadfast compass on this wonderful journey I know as my life.  I think my soul has brought me exactly where I need to be today, in the condition that forces me to be quiet, slow of movement and action, and doing just what I planned to do in January and didn't do.

Isn't life a wild, wonderful, full of surprise and adventure!!!!