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Elemental Fire

Posted on November 4, 2015 with 0 comments

When I completed taking, my classes on The Medicine Wheel, (a three year journey) Harriet, my teacher had a fire ceremony to honor me.  I will never forget how moving the ceremony was.  Part of what she asked me to do was to write down all my roles in life, every single one.  During the ceremony she asked me to bless the roles then throw the paper with them all written down into the flames.  It set me back some to think of literally giving up all of the framework of who I thought I was, or needed to be.  The hardest one to throw in was "I am a mother".  But, I trusted her and gave everything up to the fire.  It wasn't instantly, but over time I saw what a treasured experience it was to spend the time realizing all I believed about myself, life, others opinions of me.  I came to know myself better, and to be more fully who I wanted to be.  I wrote this poem today to commemorate that blessed event.

Elemental Fire

by Cerantha Corley



Throw them all in to the fire

Dancing flames blue/gold heat

Crackling sparks amidst drum beats

The fire will devour who you thought you truly were

Roles, beliefs, firm convictions

Masks, false-face smiles

Will burn to ash grey transformation

The color/illusion drained out of you

Till you stand there naked, afraid, stunned

Like the cat lore, you have many lives

You will land on your feet after the dust settles

Integrate what you choose to remain

Find ways to be, to live with new markings

Arriving daily showing you the way

Be brave in the question marks

Be strong in your silent waiting

The cat has only nine lives

You are a multi-dimensional wizard

The possibilities....endless!