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June, 2015 Charleston

Posted on June 30, 2015 with 0 comments

Here in Charleston we were thrust into the national spotlight by events at the Mother Emanuel AME Church Downtown.  I am still very tender as I think of it all.  I attended that church for five years.  i became a part of things, and was welcomed with open arms.  The Gospel music is what first appealed to me.  Then I really enjoyed the services, and especially the people I met.  So, when I heard on the late news what happened, my heart was heavy.  I knew some of the regulars that attended prayer group.  It was hard to hear the names of the nine and see their beautiful pictures on the screen.

I played at the Unity Church Inter Faith Service.  It was a wonderful service.  Many of those who spoke helped me sort out some of my very sad feelings.  I went to the Sunday service at Mother Emanuel, and that felt good too. Just being there among so many people-inside and outside the church was uplifting. Believe me there was a feeling of Love Energy all over the place.  We were all grieving, but also feeling the love that was being expressed.  It was quite remarkable.

Here is a poem I wrote to express my feelings about it all:


                                           The Nine

                                                By Cerantha/Kathie Corley

They will be remembered

In times that follow

Written on the winds of history

The nine


Whose lives mattered before

Whose lives matter now

As guideposts to the new world

The nine


In V-shaped formation

Exiting on wings toward tomorrow

They followed their hearts

The nine


Out of misguided hate bullets

As angels sang to show the Way

Love rose that night from the Holy City

The nine


The Alpha and Omega

Left us new

Left us whole

Left us free 


The blessed nine.