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March 2015 Ups and Downs

Posted on March 30, 2015 with 0 comments

March started off with a delightful time at Springbank Retreat Center.  Three people took the class, and they were playing in the woods before I left.  I love to hear the flute music coming through the trees.  I really enjoyed meeting the new visitors who were on sabbaticals.  We had fun getting to know each other.  What a gift it is to myself to be in that rich environment of nature/spirit/friendship.

Little did I know how much I would depend on those three things before I left.  I heard from a dear friend that my beloved friend and shaman mentor Harriet Watson slipped away unexpectedly.  I was shocked, thrown off balance from the news.  Thank goodness I was there among the trees and loving friendships at Springbank.  I was able to catch my breath, and begin to cope with this loss of Harriet from the planet.  

In many ways I feel her presence very strongly.  We were connected at a deep level, and that connection still feels viable and very strong.  It is the process of the body and emotions feeling a loss that is taking time.  

Harriet's Memorial Service is this Sat. and I know we will all celebrate the special Grace that she was to us all.

I gave a talk on my flute journey to a group from Seabrook Island.  That was enjoyable.  I emphasized it is never too late to take up a musical instrument, a paintbrush, a garden hoe etc.  We Baby Boomers are showing are kids that life continues to be rewarding, and exciting, even after our  retirement!

So, I look forward to April and all that it will bring.

Sending love to you who are reading along.