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I have been in a bit of a dry spell creatively.  I last reported about my going out to the studio to record.  I was pumped up and feeling elated about getting some new music out into the world.  
Well, then I had to have surgery done on my scalp for basel cell cancer removal.  It was a much bigger deal than I had anticipated, and it set me back mentally and physically.  I had to deal with an open wound right smack dab in the middle of my front scalp.  I wore bandages and hats to hide the wound as it slowly closed up.  I certainly got a good dose of humility in the process--not an altogether bad thing in the long run.
But I noticed a change in my mood, my motivation and my creative impulses.   
Tate Corley was born.  He is my fourth grandchild.  Now that was a good dose of happiness that I well needed! I enjoyed getting Christmas gifts bought and organized for family and friends.  It was a good family time at Thanksgiving and Christmas. [...]
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Posted on July 23, 2016 with 0 comments
I am beginning the production of a new flute CD.  I went to Bruce Robert's studio with my friend Sharon Sinclair. I brought Sharon for support and for her feedback.  It was great to have her there.
I got 3 new tracks recorded.  It was a great start!

Elemental Fire

Posted on November 4, 2015 with 0 comments
When I completed taking, my classes on The Medicine Wheel, (a three year journey) Harriet, my teacher had a fire ceremony to honor me.  I will never forget how moving the ceremony was.  Part of what she asked me to do was to write down all my roles in life, every single one.  During the ceremony she asked me to bless the roles then throw the paper with them all written down into the flames.  It set me back some to think of literally giving up all of the framework of who I thought I was, or needed to be.  The hardest one to throw in was "I am a mother".  But, I trusted her and gave everything up to the fire.  It wasn't instantly, but over time I saw what a treasured experience it was to spend the time realizing all I believed about myself, life, others opinions of me.  I came to know myself better, and to be more fully who I wanted to be.  I wrote this poem today to commemorate that blessed event.
Elemental Fire
by Cerantha Corley
Throw [...]
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June, 2015 Charleston

Posted on June 30, 2015 with 0 comments
Here in Charleston we were thrust into the national spotlight by events at the Mother Emanuel AME Church Downtown.  I am still very tender as I think of it all.  I attended that church for five years.  i became a part of things, and was welcomed with open arms.  The Gospel music is what first appealed to me.  Then I really enjoyed the services, and especially the people I met.  So, when I heard on the late news what happened, my heart was heavy.  I knew some of the regulars that attended prayer group.  It was hard to hear the names of the nine and see their beautiful pictures on the screen.
I played at the Unity Church Inter Faith Service.  It was a wonderful service.  Many of those who spoke helped me sort out some of my very sad feelings.  I went to the Sunday service at Mother Emanuel, and that felt good too. Just being there among so many people-inside and outside the church was uplifting. Believe me there was a feeling of Love [...]
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March 2015 Ups and Downs

Posted on March 30, 2015 with 0 comments
March started off with a delightful time at Springbank Retreat Center.  Three people took the class, and they were playing in the woods before I left.  I love to hear the flute music coming through the trees.  I really enjoyed meeting the new visitors who were on sabbaticals.  We had fun getting to know each other.  What a gift it is to myself to be in that rich environment of nature/spirit/friendship.
Little did I know how much I would depend on those three things before I left.  I heard from a dear friend that my beloved friend and shaman mentor Harriet Watson slipped away unexpectedly.  I was shocked, thrown off balance from the news.  Thank goodness I was there among the trees and loving friendships at Springbank.  I was able to catch my breath, and begin to cope with this loss of Harriet from the planet.  
In many ways I feel her presence very strongly.  We were connected at a deep level, and that connection still feels viable [...]
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