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Posted on May 26, 2013 with 0 comments
Today as you smell the jasmine on your porch railing--realize Change brought you here to this idyllic porch--this seaside community. Change made you a mother, a grandmother, a writer, poet, painter, so many things come to pass in your life. Your openness to change provides you with the pathways to progress on your journey from infancy to Elderhood.
Embrace Change
Embrace Change
Embrace Change
Evolution, Ascension, upward mobility involves changing over, making way for the new.  
Embrace change Dear One
Be at PEACE in all things, in all manner of things
At your last breath time, your ability to peacefully go to, embrace the changeover will bring you much Joy and true Bliss of Satisfaction in the BECOMING Newness.
Spirit [...]
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March 9, 2012

Posted on March 9, 2012 with 0 comments

I am excited to be going back to Springbank Retreat Center in April. This time I am very happy to be teaching flute, and creative approaches to painting. I enjoy the environment there so much.  I always come home full of peace, and a sense of how nature is so important to our well-being.  There are wonderful paths through the woods, Grandmother Tree (a lovely ancient oak), a labyrinth, and a thriving swamp that enchants.  My wish is that if you do not get to come to my workshop, you will find your way to Springbank some time in the near future for a time away from all our busyness.  Please check out their website at
This will be a great opportunity for all those who have secretly wondered if they can play a musical instrument, or paint a picture.  You do not have to be a musician, or experienced artist to embrace the knowledge of how to express yourself with these two mediums.  Our Spirit is always calling to us.  We sometimes just [...]
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September 21

Posted on September 21, 2011 with 0 comments
I am looking forward to heading back to Springbank Retreat Center in Kingstree, South Carolina.  It is such a beautiful site.  I cannot decide between Grandmother Tree, the labyrinth, the swamp, or the sacred circle as to which is my favorite.  I guess it all adds up to a place where my energy rises.  
Becky Becker and I are going to lead a workshop on the joys of the autumn season.  It is harvest time on the land, and also it can be harvest time for us to look at the past seasons and feel gratitude for what we have accomplished, received, but also to weed out that which does not serve us anymore.  Becky will be focusing on art projects to express our desires and feelings.  Opportunities will exist to do Journey Dolls, Wisdom Sticks, and Vision or Dream artworks.  There will be meditations, flute music, journaling, and reflective times on the beautiful grounds of Springbank Retreat.

May 22, 2011

Posted on May 22, 2011 with 0 comments
I just returned from a wonderful time at Springbank Retreat Center in Springtree, SC.  It is a lovely site with many sacred places (Grandmother Tree, a labyrinth, Sacred Circle, and several other meditative spots.  We were there by ourselves, but normally there are workshops,  and events taking place with many guest in residence.  You can check it all out at: 

May 3, 2011

Posted on May 3, 2011 with 0 comments
Well, the Sound Energy Workshop at The Bodhi Tree Center went very well.  We all spent 2 hours together discussing what an influence Sound Energy has in our lives, and how to recognize the sounds that resonate with you, and then how to work with that information to enhance your feelings of wellness and balance. Through use of the Native American Style Flute, the free note instrument and guided meditations we worked with our chakra system.  In the end, I used Reiki and Shaman techniques to test the movement of energy in everyone's bodies.  I think people left the workshop relaxed, and ready to keep up the energy work at home.  I enjoyed meeting new people and sharing what I have been learning about the power of Sound!

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