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Summer into Fall

Posted on September 25, 2017 with 0 comments

I began a 90 day journey on June 21, 2017.  My instincts directed me to lay low this summer, to journal, organize, let go of some possessions, to engage my body in a dialogue ( that one is hard to explain)-- basically to listen to my physical cues that came along, to complete a story that has been rolling around in my mind since the mid 90's, to do some art work and to play my music.  

Well, I accomplished some of those goals, and found the summer to be a challenge at times, a great reward at other times.  I feel I know myself better for having followed my inner guide.  I think I relinquished some old patterns of behavior that were very ready to be replaced. I feel more comfortable in my body, my life, and especially in my house.

You see 3/4's of the way through my quiet, reflective time a very sassy, very large hurricane changed my plans for the summer.  I ended up evacuating to Durham, NC to escape the wind and water that was coming with full force to Charleston. I had one day to get the house ready for the storm as best I could-take pics of all furniture and valuables, secure porch furniture, etc.

The most poignant thing was having to choose what to take, and what I could leave, and possibly never see again.  Wow, that really makes you take stock.  It is deep process to decide what is of true value in our lives. I am glad I had spent the early summer organizing my files so I could easily take the important documents I needed.  

The other issue for me was the challenge of driving 6 hours with a body that is triggered to extreme pain when forced to sit in one position for long.  I am currently reading some books about mind/body connection which came in mighty handy as my back and legs were sizzling with red hot pain about halfway to Betsy's house.I stopped about every hour to walk around a bit and do lots of stretches.    I  just kept singing songs that diverted my attention, and gave myself pep talks till I pulled in and saw her waiting for me. 

Watching the news of this storm's wrath and the devastation in Houston and environs made me realize how lucky I was to have the time and a car load's space to gather my belongings.  I saw so many with just the clothes on their back in water up to their waste.  

So this 90 days that just passed was a very important opportunity for me to realize how lucky I am in so many ways, to realize  I have more that I need, to realize just how precious and precarious life can be. I am full of gratitude and so grateful my family here in Charleston and in Florida are safe.